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Nieuws | David Jaffe gaat weg bij Sony | Gepost door: erikgame

David Jaffe gaat weg bij Sony

David Jaffe heeft Sony verruild voor zijn eigen Gamebedrijf.

David Jaffe heeft een groot verhaal opgehangen en dat kunnen jullie hier onderlezen.

Just to be clear, the port of TM:HEAD ON does NOT count as our first title in the Sony 3 game's a port we are doing and THEN we start full time work on game #1. But unless the powers that be shoot us down mid-pro, we know what game #1 will be, the concept art is fucking amazing, and I am crazy in love with game #1 already. Hope ya'll like it when you see it in a bit...

So, as some of you may have heard, today is my last day at Sony.

After 14 years, Iím leaving the mothership that has protected me, nurtured me, sustained me, taught me, and- in the early days when I was an insecure kid who didnít know any better-defined me.

Scott Campbell and I are starting a new games company called EAT SLEEP PLAY. We're teaming up with a host of the key folks from the Twisted Metal games (not to mention many of the other great Incognito/Singletrac games) and trying to give this indy game thing a shot! Iíve worked with these folks- on and off- for about 13 years and we figured it was high time to pull back the sheets and jump into bed together all permanent like.

We have a 3 game console/handheld exclusive deal with Sony and hope to have our first original game out sometime in 2008. In the meantime, weíll be putting out a port of TWISTED METAL: HEAD ON this Xmas season. The port- going from PSP to PS2- is pretty cool for a port because:

- It has the original HEAD ON title but itís now running at 60fps and has resed up textures as well as some gameplay tweaks.
- It has 5-7 levels from the never released TWISTED METAL BLACK: PART II.
- It has a documentary on the history of the series.

So for a port, we think itís a pretty sweet package and a pretty good deal. We're also trying to get the powers that be to throw in an art book that ships with the game (nothing fancy,just something packed in with the disc).

So the new company will be based out of Utah, but Iíll remain here in San Diego, working from my home office. No real difference between the way Iíve worked with SingleTrac/Incog over the years, so we donít expect much to change, other than the fact that all of us now own a piece of the company.

Again, we are working with Sony and that just feels great. We met with some other interested parties but at the end of the day, Sony is our home, our family, and weíre really thrilled and honored they wanted to work with us and continue the relationship weíve spent almost 15 years cultivating. So in many ways, itís like very little has changed, other than the pay cut ☺.

But itís what we wanted: to go independent and see where we could steer our very own ship. Granted, our new ship is no longer the grand, unstoppable beast that is Sony. Instead, itís a smaller vessel, scrappy even, manned with a crew of experienced sailors who felt the need to venture out into the unknown seas and and see what we could see. And the cool thing is, a small as our ship is, itís not the least bit scary. Itís exciting as hell. It feels right; like the time is right, the crew is ready, and the grand voyage is just beginning.

As always, I hope you guys/gals will join us on our journey (ok, enough with the shitty metaphor). As soon as I can reveal more about our new titles, I will share all. Maybe in the next 8-12 months, I would imagine, but who knows.

Anyway, so thereís my big news. As I said, itís really big news for us, weíre real excited, and we hope our new company name- Eat Sleep Play- becomes synonymous with some of the most fun games of the future.

Ok, my oldest kid is awake. Gotta get her dressed for the day, then head upstairs to report for my first official day of work ☺. Oh, and stay tuned for my Ďreportí from Comic Con. I had a BLAST yesterday. I wish I could go back today for day #2, but hell, I got games to design! ☺

Talk to yaíll later!


Geplaatst op 27/07/2007
Playstation 3 live
Ik ben benieuwd of het lang duurd met de Exclusiefe games voor Sony maar het is wel raar dat ze eerst met de PS2 game komen en niet voor de PS3?

De ene kant kan ik het wel begrijpen omdat ze beginners zijn met het studio omdat ze nog weinig geld over hebben om goeie personeel aan te nemen en games te maken voor de PS3 dus daarom maar eerst een PS2 game(s) had ik ook gedaan als ik hem was als beginner dus ik wens hem (David Jaffe ) veel succes verder met zijn nieuwe bedrijf en ik hoop dat hij veel Top titel maakt voor Sony's Playstation.
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